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Previous research and development projects:
Following the EU Ministerial Conferences in Bologna (1999) and Copenhagen (2002), we have successfully completed the following projects and are involved in the following project partnerships:

1 Introduction of Portfolio tests in all transitions within the national school system, between primary, secondary (GCSEs and A Levels) graduate and post graduate education.
2 Study design for universities, training institutions, corporations (for example: the "MA Social Banking and Social Finance" degree, developed in partnership with the Institute for Social Banking and the University of Plymouth, which received the BIBB 's Innovation Award 2010 [Federal Institute for Vocational Education]).
3 Modularisation of courses, workload, ECTS credits, Diploma Supplement, construction and implementation of the Bologna forms (for example: the successfully accredited "Bachelor of Sustainable Pre-School and Peace Education" degree, developed in a partnership with Caritas and the University of Pristina).
4 Structuring of courses and educational activities throughout all levels of the EQF (European Qualifications Framework), particularly in the area of preparation for sixth form and bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programmes (current projects).
5 New forms of examinations and assessments, conducting validations of competencies and qualifications on all levels of the EQF, quality management, self evaluation and external evaluation procedures, activities as external auditors in faculties and expert commissions for higher education, accreditation agencies, ministries, businesses, schools, etc. (current projects).
6 Introduction of life learning and learning in external environments, with Portfolio documentation in partnership with ministries of education, provinces and metropolitan regions; practice research projects in various fields of career and study; projects in emergency and peace education and education for sustainable development (current projects).